Nathalie van Sasse van Ysselt


Nathalie is a passionate and free-spirited film maker, experiential designer and creative director. 

She translates her curatorial skills and creative zest for design into an evolving practice  focusing on: spatial storytelling, video and motion graphics, (post)production, set design, large format multimedia installations, interactive environments, live shows, events and creative consultancy.

Over the years she has worked closely with international museum curators and leading brands to develop innovative projects for many different formats, both temporary and permanent.

Her vast technical and creative experience encompasses every step of a project: starting with initial concept, strategy and budget, to content development and design, directing post-production teams, up to the final on-site technical integration.

Nathalie’s creative intent is to explore and push the boundaries of immersive spatial experiences, creating new levels of engagement with audiences, integrating new media techniques and discovering yet unknown pastures of the digital landscape.

She has bounced around Montreal, Phoenix, Belgium and Berlin before now landing in New York.
This transatlanticism reflects in her professional experience, creative work, languages, and interests.

... and watch the sky.