Photography series investigating our perceptions of space.

The phantasmagorias projected onto our daily lives create a bubble of familiar security and comfort in which individuals can function smoothly.
These often attractive phantasmagorical conventions mask the underlying confinement they create. We are disillusioned with apparently endless options, when in reality we are often subconsciously living within a pre-defined set of boundaries.
We move in and out of spaces, spaces where we work, sleep, eat, live. How are these spaces constructed, how do we design our lives within these spaces? To what extent are these spaces defined by function, possession, social status or conventions?

Spaces were dissected, abstracting their content from its common context and exposing the objects for what they truly are; emphasizing their individuality while contradicting it at the same time. The interiors have become an object, almost a product, the space functioning as a display.

Special thanks to Julian Ronnefeldt for his participation in this project.

Concept, installation, photography.