1700 meters of string created the projection surface for this mapped video installation, exhibited at the project space/gallery Kaleidoskop during the art festival "Nacht und Nebel" in Berlin.

Synaptic Space investigates the visual processing and interpretation of memory.
The memory is an entity so ephemeral yet so profound, which shapes people to their very core. How much do we hold onto, how much do we leave behind, or reinvent?

The gallery space has been transformed. A network of lines, physically connecting points in the room, become spatial synapses, creating the webbed world we harvest in our head: the intertwining structure which is the make-up of our personalities, fears, expectations and ambitions.

The web becomes the projection surface for our internal images, woven closely to see what is depicted, yet open enough to let certain details slip through the cracks.

Concept, video(post) - production, installation, mapping.